About Us

The Little Language Club runs fun German and Spanish classes for young children in and around Southampton. We use a range of age-appropriate resources (including puppets, songs, games and musical instruments) so that children can start learning another language through singing, movement and play.

The Little Language Club was set up by Henrietta and Mandi in 2012.

Henrietta has two children, born in 2003 and 2005.  When her sons were toddlers, she often imagined taking them to a foreign-language singing group to expose them to different languages whilst learning some herself, but she was disappointed that there weren’t any nearby. She met Mandi in 2012 and together they set up Little Language Club to fill this gap, and have built the idea from there!

Living in Berlin with toddlers gave Mandi first-hand experience of how adept young children are at learning a second language. Upon returning to the UK she decided to find a way of introducing pre-schoolers to the joys of German (and other languages too :-)). She met Henrietta and thus the idea for the Little Language Club was born. Mandi has studied languages, in various forms, at undergraduate and post-graduate level and is passionate about language learning for all, regardless of age!

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