Word of the week – die Farbe

Wolfi’s word of the week: die Farbe    [dee FARber]*

As it’s cold, rainy and grey outside, we wanted to brighten things up a bit. So in our German class this week, Wolfi has been introducing us to the words for different colours, such as rot (red), blau (blue) und grün (green). Die Farbe is the German word for colour but it can also mean paint. In Berlin we used to go to a painting class where the lady who ran the session instructed us to dip our paintbrushes ‘ins Wasser und dann in die Farbe‘ (‘into the water and then into the paint’). Doing this certainly fixed the meaning of die Farbe in our heads. I would love to get our pre-school children painting too, but I think it could get a little messy (and I’m not the one who has to do the tidying up)! So we have been learning about die Farben (colours) using felt-tip pens and colouring pencils instead 🙂

*This is only a guide to pronunciation. How to pronounce the German ‘r’ will be tackled in a different post 🙂

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